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As much as the pandemic has been overwhelmingly difficult to say the least, there has never been a more perfect time to start your own business.

Unemployment across the world is at an all-time low and the economy has taken a huge hit. But this isn’t all cause for doom and gloom.

If companies like Uber and WhatsApp can be founded during difficult economic times, there is hope for the rest of us — huge hope. The pandemic won’t last forever and those who show agility and adaptability will thrive as soon as we emerge out of the other side.

I hear ya. As a business owner doing things on your own, your head might be about to explode. Trying to do everything and anything within your business, even if it isn’t your forte. The learning process is real.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Whilst there are a whole host of things that might be on your list to outsource, one of those priorities should be copywriting. Not least because digital marketing is becoming more and more vital to business success.

So, without further ado, here’s my 5 amazing reasons to outsource your business copywriting needs today.

1. You’ll save time

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Now, when I hear the word ‘pivot’, my mind is instantly transported to that memorable scene in Friends involving Ross’s couch.

But as we all know, the outcome wasn’t great for that poor unassuming piece of furniture.

That’s not to say that pivoting in business can’t be just as a rough ride — but, when you’ve reached a sticking point and the road ahead isn’t looking as promising as it once was, pivoting could be the way to go.

So how do you know when it’s time to pivot your business?

1. The passion has gone

This could be a heading for a whole other…

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For the Work From Home crowd — voluntarily or forced upon — we need to start thinking about our working environment.

Hands up if your laptop now sleeps under your bed ready for you to not even roll out of bed in the morning to grab it and start tapping?

I’m with you.

Sometimes I don’t get dressed until noon.

Sometimes I don’t get dressed at all.

But whilst it might seem like a treat at the time, doing this consistently is unfortunately not conducive to a healthy working day.

And with most of us spending more time than ever…

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Look, this might be controversial, but you’ve got to stop giving yourself a free pass.

As another month crawls on and I look at what I want to achieve, I find myself constantly retreating back under the bed covers.

I snooze my alarm every single morning, I pass myself another chocolate bar from the fridge, and I slope around in my pyjamas, working mainly from the comfort of my own bed.

I’m feeling blue and every day I tell myself, ‘it’s okay’. ‘You don’t need to do anything today — look after yourself and work on your goals another day’.

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Having too much work is both a blessing and a curse.

You’ve grafted for months, or maybe even years, and it’s finally paid off. You can pay the bills, and you no longer have that sick tummy feeling wondering if you’ll be able to earn enough the following month.

But you have work coming out of your ears and clients demanding all of your time.

It’s overwhelming. I get it.

For the last 6 months, the days have blurred into one. I’ve been working remotely as a virtual assistant and writer with too many clients to count, whilst trying to…

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As we enter another uncertain year, it’s clear that being a business owner has been challenging across many levels.

The rule book essentially went out of the window when the pandemic hit, and business owners across the globe grappled with what they once knew, and tried to figure out how to make things work in a new way.

Both in terms of our work and personal lives, we’ve had a lot on our plates.

Lack of socialising, home schooling, remote working, and in some cases, ill health — at times it may have seemed impossible to get work done.


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It’s that time of year again. New Year, New Me.

But we all know how that story goes.

We have all the best intentions as we diligently draft down our New Year’s Resolutions, deciding how we can improve ourselves during the coming year.

Losing weight, exercising more, saving money, spending less time on our phones, spending more time with loved ones — the list goes on. But what all of these things have in common is they are big goals.

The first couple of weeks we’ll commit ourselves as fully as we can, and then that’s it. We’re exhausted.


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I hate to say it, but the remote working dream is dead.

All of those people who wished they could work from home are now strongly wishing, hoping, and praying with all of their might, that they can just return to the office.

And I don’t blame them.

When I quit my job to go freelance last year, I skipped out so happily I didn’t think I’d be able to stop grinning. I had all these plans about my new life in pyjamas, countless lunch dates, and working from far away places with plenty of sun and cocktails.

Only, we…

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In times of despair, it can be difficult to see beyond our current circumstances — or to see the opportunities that lay within.

When my Dad passed away, I wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and never emerge from my bed again. Every time I opened my eyes in the morning came the stark reminder that he was no longer there.

I threw myself back into my work so I didn’t have to think about anything else, and carried on with my life as it had been before — only without him in it.

But as time went…

Amy Cubbon

Freelance writer, procrastinator, and lover of cats. Avid traveller pre-lockdown. Future best-selling novelist post-lockdown🤞 Find me at

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