Stop Giving Yourself a Free Pass

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Look, this might be controversial, but you’ve got to stop giving yourself a free pass.

As another month crawls on and I look at what I want to achieve, I find myself constantly retreating back under the bed covers.

I snooze my alarm every single morning, I pass myself another chocolate bar from the fridge, and I slope around in my pyjamas, working mainly from the comfort of my own bed.

I’m feeling blue and every day I tell myself, ‘it’s okay’. ‘You don’t need to do anything today — look after yourself and work on your goals another day’.

I give myself a free pass.

Only, I’ve been giving myself a free pass for months. I’m all out of free passes. I’m pretty sure I must owe someone some by now. A whole pile of them.

Stop making excuses

In the moment, making an excuse for why you’re unable to do something, makes you feel better. You don’t have time, you’re too tired, you don’t have the resources… but ultimately, where does this get you? Nowhere.

Excuses stop you from reaching your full potential.

Every time you make an excuse or give yourself a free pass is another time you limit yourself and take away another chance to succeed at something. No-one likes living with regrets. Surely it’s better to try something instead of making up an excuse to avoid it.

Regretting doing something is better than regretting not doing something.

Change your attitude

You have the power to change anything in your life. You just have to be motivated enough to do something. Once you stop making excuses, you are the person who can control the outcome of what you want. You just have to believe it.

Often, the greatest obstacle between ourselves and what we want to achieve is our own mind and the inability to trust in what we are capable of. Start small and have patience. Commit to your goal, whatever it may be, every single day.

As the saying goes, ‘change your mindset, change your life.’

Visualise your goals

Take a moment to step back and literally visualise what you want to achieve in your life. Close your eyes and notice as much detail as possible when you accomplish what you set out to do. What will you be wearing? What will the weather be like? How will you feel?

Doing this regularly — either when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep — will give you some added motivation to your overall agenda.

Get back on the horse

Look, no-one’s perfect. Shit happens. We all go through tough times and it’s okay to give ourselves a ‘free pass’ once in a while. It’s normal. The trick is to get back in the saddle when you’ve fallen off it.

If you stray from your goals, don’t be discouraged. Accept it and start making new choices. Think about how far you’ve come and how far you want to go. Start caring again. Care about yourself. Take a stand in your life.

You’ve got this.

Freelance writer, procrastinator, and lover of cats. Avid traveller pre-lockdown. Future best-selling novelist post-lockdown🤞 Find me at

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