What Happened When I Tried to Join The 5am Club

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We’ve all been there. We get a sudden burst of motivation after reading a blog post or the first few pages of a new self-help book and we instantly want to put it into action. We’re about to be a new person and its’ going to be great. That’s where I was at last week. I’d read that getting up super early and developing a healthy morning routine was the key to being successful so I purchased some books from Amazon and off I went.

Day 1

Lying in bed the first night before my ‘new changes’, I was determined to have the lights off by 10pm and fall asleep soon after. That did not happen. I set my alarm for 7.30am — an hour earlier than my usual wake up time — and decided to ease myself into it.

I hardly slept that night. It was like I was excited to get into this new optimum routine so much so that I couldn’t turn my thoughts off. When my alarm went off at 7.30am, I did not feel good about it. I pressed snooze and dragged myself out of bed 20 minutes later. But hey, still 40 minutes earlier than my usual wake-up time so it’s progress right? Try again tomorrow.

Day 2

This time, before I went to sleep, I found myself listening to some motivational speeches on YouTube to help me get in the right mindset. It was intense but I was told not to hit the snooze button. After all, you snooze you lose. Alarm set for 7am.

After another restless night, again I was not too impressed with my alarm going off at 7am but I remembered the speech from the night before and jumped straight out of bed. Success! I washed my face, did some yoga in the front room followed by some meditation and scribbled in my journal. Look at me go! I even sat down for breakfast and listened to some more motivational speeches to get me pumped for the day ahead. This was easy and I felt amazing.

Day 3

I’d decided I didn’t much like my alarm tone so asked my husband to set up our Google Speaker to wake me up with a motivational speech instead. Alarm set for 6.40am and off to sleep I went.

6.40am hit and what on earth?! We hadn’t adjusted the volume settings, so the motivational speech was quite the shock and was turned off immediately after a few loud booming words. I mean I was awake at least. I managed to follow the same routine as the day before, although the meditation part was difficult — how do you stop your thoughts from wandering? Tips welcome.

Day 4

I’d had a busy day working and the lack of decent sleep was catching up to me. I decided I’d scrap trying to get up early and set my alarm for my previous 8.30am. I was pretty excited for my ‘lie in’.

Lack of blackout blinds meant I woke up at 7am and kept forcing my eyes shut until 8am when I pulled myself up and out of bed. It was raining so no one was outside in my neighbourhood, so I decided now was the perfect time for a peaceful morning bath! (Disclaimer: my bathroom looks out onto a bunch of houses but the windows are frosted up) Pure bliss. I highly recommend everyone to do this. I spent the rest of the day in bed watching Netflix. Oops.

Day 5

I felt bad for my lazy day and decided I should probably try a bit harder to get closer to a 5am wake up and actually manage to get a ton of stuff done before noon. So, I set my alarm for 6.30am…baby steps!

This time I actually woke up at 6am so stayed a little longer in bed before rising up at 6.20am — my personal best. I’m a little bit too proud to report that I did all my self-care tasks before sitting down to work at 7.15am and feeling like an absolute warrior. Totally smashed it.

I realise I’ve not yet made it 5am — and to be completely honest I’m not quite sure I ever will. That time still fills me with horror. I’m also questioning how sustainable getting up early every day is going to be, given my current track record. But, let’s give me the benefit of the doubt and check back in in a few months’ time to see where I’m at…and how successful I am!

Freelance writer, procrastinator, and lover of cats. Avid traveller pre-lockdown. Future best-selling novelist post-lockdown🤞 Find me at www.amycubwrites.com

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